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Alternative Healing Practices

In my practice, I feature an intuitive skill set utilizing a combination of hypnotherapy, intuitive counseling, and psychotherapy techniques that supports various needs from a perspective of spirit and truth......your truth and all of the love of the universe.

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Life Coaching/Psychotherapy/EMDR

Life coaching can look a lot like psychotherapy, but it is much more directive in its approach to helping you find answers to your presenting issues. While psychotherapy is a little more explorative and traditional in its therapeutic technique, life coaching looks like how it sounds, “coaching” you to where you want to be. Depending on your needs, I will often use these approaches interchangeably. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) is also a psychotherapy technique I utilize and can offer by itself or in combination with psychotherapy/Life Coaching. This approach utilizes an evidence based method in minimizing the effects of trauma.

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This modality is something that I use to help you go a little deeper into your presenting concern with minimal distractions that traditional processing in talk therapy can provide. The session usually includes a 15 minute relaxation to get you into a “trance like” state that feels similar to falling asleep but you are still awake. Despite commercialized hypnosis seen in mainstream media, this type of therapy is not something where you are ever out of control or where I am in control of your mind. On the contrary, clients report coming out of sessions feeling empowered, insightful, renewed, and eager for more!

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Energy Work 

Often this modality of service is integrated, with your permission, into every session on some level. However, if you book this service solely for this kind of work alone it will include a variety of interventions such as me connecting with your spirit guides for support of the session, potentially connecting with loved ones that have transitioned and want to connect with you, pulling of oracle cards (spiritually guided card decks), Reiki energy healing (intelligent energy healing transferred through me to you), and dream interpretation. This session can include all of these or a focus on one. I am divinely led in these sessions by what spirit feels you need but will always set an intention of what it is you want to work on first and go from there.

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