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My Story

As a holistic healer, I enjoy joining the collective consciousness on the journey we all are on to embrace the learning on this planet. I believe we have all come to this time and space to evolve and expand to places we have never gone and depths we have never seen. It is my passion to connect with all the collective in various ways of healing that help us to feel all the more connected on this journey with the knowing that we are all truly in this together and we are NEVER alone.

In my own journey, I used to find myself feeling more alone than not and never really understanding that the truth is, we are always surrounded by spirit and fully supported. Of course, as a human being I forget this at times and must tune in to feel more “in touch”. I often get in touch by regularly visiting the ocean and connecting with the energy of the elements. I enjoy meditations by the water where I can be introspective and center myself for whatever lies ahead. I also enjoy singing and dancing as it is very grounding to me and helps me to remember to play!

All of the aspects of me and roles that I embody are vessels of learning that branch from my truth that we are all eternal beings striving to expand and evolve. It is by this truth that I stay centered in the knowing that all is truly well in my world as there is a purpose for everything and I am connected eternally to all things.

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My Approach

I am a compassionate being who is very heart conscious of others while engaging in any healing modality. Tapping more into my heart space facilitates a process by which I support others to do the same, allowing more understanding of our frustrations and having more capacity for others!

I am constantly looking forward to meeting with others that are a part of my spiritual tribe and am eager to learn more about my purpose here on this earthly plane in relation to my tribe and the planet as a whole. My path to enlightenment embraces the truth that we all are one and the light in me truly honors the light in you while providing compassion for the dark spaces that we all have and need healing.

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