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Your Healing Journey is fully supported.

Discover Dr. Charla's audio series, as she offers accessible and self paced, Guided Meditations.

These Meditations are integrated with Dr. Charla's extensive hypnotherapy expertise as well as her ability to transmit energetic support to you through her voice.

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What to Expect

Please Read

Meditations and Hypnosis tracks are meant to be supplemental to therapeutic support and not mean to treat or cure any mental health issues alone. These tracks include binaural beats that often induce deep relaxation so be sure that they are used when you are not operating any machinery or doing anything else that will require your attention and focus as this could be dangerous while listening to these recordings. Please listen regularly for maximum benefit, in addition to therapy, to anticipate best results.

Client Testimonials

“I am deeply grateful for my personal experience of coming to know and work with Charla and to experience and see the transformational work that she has done. She is not only a clinician but as a masterful mentor, guide, and healer. She has a natural ability to create an environment of safety and support that really helps facilitate the exploration of yourself in the barriers in your life. She has a beautiful way of bringing awareness to the root of an issue, allows space to be with your wounds, and then to find healing and strength to move forward and navigating life.


Dr. Charla Afoa offers a Dream Interpretation Workshop for a limited time! Sign up to join this series of pre-recorded guidance and support in learning the skill set of Dream Interpretation!

Existing Members - $150

Non-Members- $299

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