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Your Healing Journey is fully supported.

This program will begin with 1 to 2 sessions of assessing what your needs are and what the best tools are to provide support to you. The remainder of the sessions will be an integration of therapeutic techniques to offer clients relief from symptoms and a path forward to general well being.

Tools & Services Offered in Program

What to Expect 

6 week special at the flat fee of $100 per hour for individual services and $150 for couples per week.

Clients are to provide a credit card on file with available funds for each session and are permitted to reschedule during that week should they need to cancel but will be charged the fee, whether they attend scheduled session or not, under any circumstances during the 6 week duration.

This program is not qualifiable for insurance co-payments. Terms and Conditions apply; must register by or before program start date of November 1st, 2022

Client Testimonials

“I am deeply grateful for my personal experience of coming to know and work with Charla and to experience and see the transformational work that she has done. She is not only a clinician but as a masterful mentor, guide, and healer. She has a natural ability to create an environment of safety and support that really helps facilitate the exploration of yourself in the barriers in your life. She has a beautiful way of bringing awareness to the root of an issue, allows space to be with your wounds, and then to find healing and strength to move forward and navigating life.

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